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Five aspects of a call centre worker's first day

A headset

So you've managed to land a position as a call centre worker. First of all, congratulations on making it this far. However, there is no time to rest on your laurels as this is obviously just the first step in your working journey.

That first day may seem a little intimidating, especially if you don't quite know what to expect from your new environment and your fellow workers. Here are a number of situations you may expect from your first day.


Don't read an awful lot into this. Some may feel that a poor or basic introduction is evidence that a job conversing with strangers on a daily basis is not for them. However, it is important to remember that how you communicate with your colleagues will rarely be the same as speaking to a potential customer.  In short, just make sure you are polite and don't do anything that would have you later dismissed as the office oddball. Reputations are hard to shake off.

Feeling out of your depth

No matter the job, there is always something weirdly exciting about being shown to your new desk or workspace. However, on your first day this novelty can potentially wear off rather quickly. You stroll over to your desk with a smug sense of self-achievement at getting the job and then sit down to assess what looks to you like the controls of a Boeing 747. Never before has a computer program looked so complicated, you think to yourself. Luckily most firms will be kind enough to train you up in how best to use the equipment and computer applications available to you, but if there is anything you happen to be unsure of then don't hesitate to ask. Asking questions is largely expected on your first day, within reason of course.

That first call

You've introduced yourself, you've been shown how best to use your equipment and now the time has come to make your first call. This prospect can seem hugely daunting, so make sure you prepare as well as you can before firing up that headset. Don't approach it thinking you are going to fail miserably. If you approach it with confidence then you will conduct yourself in the right way, which in turn will help to set a good first impression with your colleagues.


You'd have to be pretty unlucky for this to happen, but sometimes your first day can offer up a customer that has seemingly come straight from the deepest circle of hell. Difficult customers are always a tricky proposition for a newbie, but as long as you remain polite and stick to the standard procedures outlined by the company, then you should be okay. There is plenty of opportunity for your confidence to be knocked here, so try not to dwell on the experience too much. The last thing you will want is for one bad apple to ruin your ability to conduct future calls.

Between calls

The short space of time between calls is something that many workers treasure as it gives a brief respite from the pressures of the working day. However, this time should be spent wisely. You can bet that as soon as you begin tucking into that bag of crisps you've been eyeing up since lunch, there will soon be some customer looking for your attention. They're unlikely to be impressed by the sound of you munching on a snack either, so on your first day always ensure that you are constantly ready to take on anything.

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