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Four common myths of the call centre

Although call centres have become hugely popular with many businessess across the UK, they are still surrounded by a number common misconceptions and myths. Here are just five of them.

While call centres often have a reputation, which is sometimes based on an element of truth, for making nuisance calls, the accusations of being a nuisance are perhaps not as clear as many people think.

The idea that call centres offering products never make any sales is completely wide of the mark. Many people might think the calls they receive from such companies are annoying, but they are not nearly as speculative as they may come across.

Put simply, if such methods of selling products and services didn't work, companies wouldn't do it.

It is also worth remembering that not all call centre roles involve selling products. Some centres may instead involve customer service, human resources or even quality assurance.

Many consumers are used to being placed on hold, which in turn fools call centre workers into believing it is not something to be concerned about.

However, there are a wide range of studies that suggest it is one of the most consistent complaints among customers.

Being placed on hold may be okay if the problem is easy to solve in a matter of moments, but anything more complicated should ideally result in a callback. This allows the customer to focus on other things, as opposed to listening to freeform jazz music for ten minutes.

Many people turn their noses up at the prospect of working in a call centre due to the fact that much of the work is considered dull and monotonous. However, this perception can often be misguided as every call is different and impossible to predict.

You never know who you will be speaking to next and no day will ever be the same.

Another common point of view is that there are not really any long-term  prospects for call centre workers. While it is true that there are some people within a contact centre that have a minimal interest in turning the job into a career, there are plenty of opportunities to progress up the ladder.

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