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How effective training can transform your business

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to … if you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers,” said Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group. As head of one of the most successful companies in the world, it's advice worth listening to.

Quality training is key to being successful, especially if businesses are working to a budget. You need to do more with less and that’s where technology comes in.

In this article we will discuss how, when it comes to training, executives can transform the way their employees operate, foster a productive can-do environment and boost performance with the help of technology.

Seamless communication - how to make sense of what’s available

There are many tools we use to communicate. From landline to mobile, VoIP calls to email and social media correspondence, businesses have a lot of channels on offer, all of which are advantageous. The challenge is how and when to use them effectively and the answer comes with unified communications.

The idea of this new way of working is to bring together all forms of voice, text and video based data and merge them into one platform. With the integration of mobile devices it will connect remote workers. With cross compatibility and the use of simple 'plug-and-play' USB products, optimised for Microsoft Lync and Cisco Jabber for example, it will ultimately cut down on operational costs.

When email was introduced to the workplace, it revolutionised the way business was done and it's difficult now to imagine how we would cope without it. Unified communications is expected to be the next step up in that direction.

A step beyond wires and desks - how to operate the natural way

The traditional idea of the office has long been in decline. Flexible working has changed things but hasn’t solved the problem of creating a dynamic workplace. People still want to come into the office, they just don’t want to feel stuck behind a desk.

Cordless headsets allow employees to get away from their desk, but still continue their calls and carry on working. If they stay at their desk, it allows them to retain posture, to make notes, and to work more freely.

Training sessions - how to make them quick and easy

Being able to scrutinise the way your employees interact with stakeholders is necessary in identifying weaknesses and strengths and is especially true when it comes to verbal communication - in business, people talk verbally more than they text/email.

The method and style of a new employee’s conduct over the phone can be monitored in training sessions using the Agent buddy training switch. It provides mute buttons for two connected headsets, allowing the trainer to listen in on calls and offer a new employee advice during the call, without the customer hearing.

The trainer can also unmute themselves, join the conversation and take charge of the call if necessary. All of which is much more efficient and much less risky, than if the trainer cannot hear what the customer is saying.

The future is bright

The benefits of being able to deliver effective, technology-focused training cannot be underestimated. Sir Richard Branson has long recognised that the better trained and treated your staff are, the better they are likely to perform and the more satisfied customers will be.

Whether you’re training a colleague, hosting a conference call, or making a sale, it is quick, effective and reliable communication that will mark you out from your competitors.

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