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How to improve motivation within the call centre

There is no doubting the fact that working in a call centre can be tough at the best of times, so it is important to ensure that productivity is maintained at the highest level possible.

This means that morale and motivation are key to the success of any company's call centre operation. There are always going to be times when efficiency hits a brick wall, so it is important to know how to address any lull in motivation.

Many workers, even when they happen to hold positions in customer service, will often seem themselves as the primary concern, even when talking to others.

For instance a member of staff might be on the phone and all the while thinking about their own mood and how they are feeling in that particular moment. This is of course a perfectly natural train of thought, but it can pose a barrier to giving a good service to customers.

Once you begin to think about a conversation from a customer's point of view, it allows a member of staff to gain a new perspective on what makes a good service.

This means that call centre managers really need to think carefully about the basics of providing such a service and really think about the best way of defining what it entails.

Such an approach can then be relayed back to workers as company policy. Not only will this make the service more effective, but it will also help to strengthen the link between employee and company, which will in turn help to make members of staff feel more valued.

The link between members of staff and senior management should not be underestimated as it can be an integral part to creating a motivated workforce, especially if your firm happens to be on a tight budget.

A quick phone call to congratulate workers that have performed well will help to breed a good mood within the office, while also spreading confidence.

When outlining targets, it is important to remain as positive as you can, although these targets should also be realistic, so be careful not to gloss over any potential challenges or problems as team leaders will still sometimes need staff to raise their game in order to tackle any obstacles or problems.

Training is a huge part of enhancing levels of motivation among your workforce. However, having the right person is only half the battle. If employees do not have the right tools at their disposal, it will greatly harm their ability and even their willingness to do the best possible job.

agent has a number of high-quality headsets designed to enable workers to be as productive as possible, while there are also a whole host of relevant accessories to help facilitate everyday tasks.

Working alongside people that are clearly not up to the job can have a substantially detrimental effect on the motivation of your staff, so senior management cannot afford to carry on with employees that are not up to scratch.

Keeping any strugglers will allow a level of resentment to grow among your workforce, many of whom may start to question their respect for senior management. Workers will often find it hard to carry on working for someone they do not respect, so this really is a problem that needs to be nipped in the bud early.

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