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Investing in a creative space

While a lot of originality and innovation can be achieved against the backdrop of a rudimentary, functional and uninspiring workplace, organisations are never going to achieve their full potential. Your space matters more than you may think it does. We look at what it means to have a creative office and why it is a worthy investment to make.

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The virtues of creative spaces

Most offices are utilitarian in design, acting, for the most part, as a space that allows workers to carry out their responsibilities. That is fine if you want to carry on as normal, but if you are keen on inspiring your employees and, in turn, repositioning your business as a leader, you need to make your workspace more purposeful, empowering and a fun space to be in.

After all, given that we spend a considerable amount of our time at the office, it pays to be in an environment that is far from lacklustre. A creative space will enhance teamwork, boost staff morale, improve problem-solving skills and allow you to ultimately be better at everything you do.

More leaders are coming around to this, and, as one expert highlighted in an article a couple of years, ago, “the hunt is on to create spaces that allow the entrepreneur to express their unique culture, that encourages spontaneous interaction, that screams that fun is a meaningful part of the creative process, and encourages personal expression making people feel at home”.

Design a bespoke space

When it comes to designing a creative office, you need to consider the unique nature of your organisation and what will work best for your employees. While you may be inspired by what many leading enterprises do in terms of design, a bespoke solution is vital.

Although, there is no one overriding concept, creative offices nevertheless share certain themes. These include a great emphasis on collaborative spaces – the end of the one person one desk aesthetic – breakout rooms that are designed to create a sense of buzz, bringing the outside world inside – plants and flowers for example – and an aesthetic that is very un-office like.

Take your time because the likelihood is that you’re going to have to work with what you currently have and, like your own home, sometimes a style needs time to evolve before you finally find a look that is exciting, effective and in-tune with your company’s ethos and values.

Embrace all things tech

While a creative space is distinctive, there is one constant in all concepts – technology. We already live in a world dominated by high-tech gadgets and digital technology and the transformative impact it has had on our personal lives is now having a similar effect on our professional lives.

With specific regards to working environments, digital technologies, in particular, is having a seismic impact, with Accenture noting, for example, that “intelligent processes, enabled by digital technology, [helps to] create a virtuous cycle of constant improvement fed by continuous feedback”.

Consider your current tech set up and gauge whether what you have is allowing you to be a smarter enterprise or is having the opposite effect and is stifling your creativity.

For example, one massively overlooked area is voice communication. Many take for granted deskbound phones – they are part of the furniture, invisible even. However, many leading organisations have moved away from this technology and instead embraced headsets.

Something as small as that can be revolutionary – workers become more mobile, communication between stakeholders is superior and everyone feels liberated. Carry out an audit to see what technology needs to be replaced, phased out and invested in.

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