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The impact of morale on the call centre

Morale is potentially one of the most important drivers in a successful and efficient work place and the call centre is arguably no different. When morale is high, employees apply a much greater level of energy, enthu­si­asm, and will­ing­ness to the task at hand. It is therefore unsurprising that morale is so closely linked to motivation. Indeed, many managers often make the mistake of confusing the two.

The bottom line is that high morale leads to a greater level of enthusiasm to get the best possible results. To quote Neville Wilshire from BBC Three's hit show The Call Centre: "Happy people sell." Of course, not every call centre is about selling products. Some are dedicated to other aspects of a business operation, such as customer service. On the flip side, when morale is low, it becomes more difficult for workers to motivate themselves. Managers should always be wary of responding by implementing misguided heavy-handed tactics, as these approaches will only serve to drive morale down even further.

Instead it is important to introduce a positive atmosphere to the office, which can be achieved by way of instilling a strong sense of community and  team-work, as this allows the workforce to believe they are more valued by those above them.

A number of call centres approach this goal by splitting their workforce up into teams, which are then given goals and targets to strive towards as one. The breaking up of a workforce into different teams means that there is also the opportunity for firms to encourage a healthy sense of competition that will help to improve the level of confidence among workers and help them to feel more valued.

People working at their computers wearing headsets

This helps to enhance respect, harmony and trust, rather than hostility and indifference, which will improve productivity and make it easier for companies to retain their most talented members of staff.

Another key aspect in helping to improve morale is the supplying of the right equipment. It is no secret that workers often find their job easier if they are given the right tools. Headsets have become an integral part in helping to make the working lives of call centre employees much easier. Not only does it allow employees to conduct tasks hands-free, they can also benefit from the comfort that comes from such an ergonomic solution.

However, you can supply your staff with all the headsets in the world and it still won't improve the atmosphere around the office single-handedly.Training is also an integral part of breeding a strong and positive working environment as it helps to improve levels of confidence.It is no secret that when workers feel more comfortable with the task at hand, their mood in the workplace stands a greater chance of improving, which in turn helps to maximise productivity.

There are many different approaches a company can take to training call centre staff, but the key is to help offer employees a thorough understanding of what they need to achieve from each call and how they should conduct themselves at all times.

Of course there will be times when workers will claim to have concerns relating to a difficult customer, so it is important they have the confidence in their ability to handle such a situation. These events may lead to workers having to divert the topic of conversation into a different direction, but problems can easily be avoided by offering reassurance to staff that they do not need to face any problem on their own.

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