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The importance of reducing background noise

There's nothing quite like the din of an office full of call centre workers going about their daily business. However, this noise does need to be controlled, otherwise there is a very real risk of it interfering with the ability of employees to do their job as it makes it harder to communicate with customers.

In this situation there is the obvious danger that productivity and financial efficiency could be harmed. It is therefore safe to say that managers need to ensure they take necessary action in order to reduce such risks.

Perhaps one of the simplest ways in which to reduce the problem is to cut the density of staff. By spreading your office over a wider space there is a lesser concentration of people in one place, reducing the possibility for excess noise.

If you do decide to change the layout of your office it is important to ensure that workers are never placed in direct proximity to noisy machines such as photocopiers and printers. While background noise can prove to be a mild annoyance, the sound of a machine beeping can serve to be hugely intrusive. It is therefore essential that you think very carefully about the layout of your office.     

A woman with fingers in her ears

As well as the layout, it is also important to think about the furnishings. Hard walls and wooden floors will cause sound to bounce, raising the volume to uncomfortable levels.

Any hard surfaces should therefore be replaced with softer furnishings, such as carpeting for the floors, blinds and ceiling absorber panels.

Plants may seem like a rather innocuous thing to introduce to the office environment, but they do help to deflect noise. This approach should perhaps be used sparingly as it will otherwise leave the office looking like part of the jungle.

Finally, it is advisable to use a noise-cancelling headset as this will help ensure that your conversations are conducted with an impressive level of clarity.

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