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Three advantages of headsets

Communication is one of the most important aspects of doing business, with an increasing number of employees beginning to spend more and more time on the phone.

This means that it has never been more important for firms to improve productivity within the call centre and the office, especially given the level of competition that exists in certain industries.

Three advantages of headsets

Headsets can offer a highly attractive solution for organisations, as they bring with them a number of benefits that help to enhance levels of productivity and morale within the workplace.


In such a competitive economic landscape, improving productivity has become a more pressing concern for companies and headsets can play a key role.

Recent studies have suggested that by using a headset, the hands of employees are free to focus on other tasks, pushing up productivity by as much as 43 per cent.

While regular headsets enable you to keep your hands free, the use of a wireless option means that users are able to leave their desks and move around during calls, while handset lifter / ehs cable allows users to answer the telephone while away from their desk through the headset ringing during an incoming call. The latter benefit means that workers do not have to spend as much time chasing up voicemails, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Headsets also eliminate the need to hold a phone to one ear, which can often lead to poor posture and back pain.


While headsets can improve productivity, they are also capable of allowing employees to offer a better service.

Wearing a headset means the microphone stays in the same position, no matter how much the users move their head. This means the voice quality and volume stays constant.

Better still, the right type of headset will also offer a microphone with noise-cancelling technology, allowing for companies to offer a great service even if they happen to be in a noisy environment.


Working while on the go has become almost essential for many businesses, which often have to make sure they have the right equipment in order to keep up with competitors.

The smartphone has become one of the most vital tools to have when it comes to mobile working, with a number of companies looking to focus their communication efforts on smartphones.

This has led to a greater preference towards headsets, as they allow users to talk to customers and colleagues while sending and receiving information on their device.  

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