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Tips for choosing the right headset

The advantages of using headsets within your workforce are obvious to many, yet the swathe of options available can make the buying process rather daunting.

It is very easy to get lost, with there seemingly being a near-infinite number of models to choose from.

However, the whole process can be hugely simplified just by bearing in mind a few simple considerations.

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Wired or wireless

This is a consideration that may well be decided by price, with corded options often being cheaper than their wireless counterparts. However, they do both have their pros and cons.

For instance, the main drawback of a wired model is the fact that it is less mobile than other options. However, it is less likely to have its signal interrupted, meaning that sound quality is sure to stay at a high level.

Because they are not particularly mobile, these models are therefore ideally suited to those needing a solution when frequently sat in front of a desk or computer. Applications include customer service or technical support.

However, despite the benefits of wired units, there is still a real growing demand for wireless options, especially now that the workforce for many companies has become more mobile than ever before.

Wireless headsets mainly function by using a base that plugs into the phone, as well the mains, with the latter providing a power source. The unit itself can be docked within the base when it is not in use, charging the internal battery.

However, a wireless unit will obviously give users more of an opportunity to move around the room when in conversation. This can make it a more suitable option for some users, but it is worth bearing in mind that such units will usually require periodical charging.

USB phone headsets

There have been a number of technological advances that have ensured that many users have shifted their focus away from traditional telephony systems.

One of the most prominent trends has been the rising adoption of voice over internet protocol (VoIP), with many companies seemingly keen to capitalise on the reduced costs and increased flexibility that comes with such technology.

Luckily the humble headset has managed to keep up, with options such as the agent 301 containing USB connectivity ideally suited to such environments. This is ideal for those looking for a product that allows them to make calls on their computer running Windows 98 or higher.

Shut the noise off

When working in a busy environment it can sometimes be difficult to give the person on the line all of your attention and focus. Communication is key to building a good customer relationship, so it is important to ensure that you have the right tools available to maximise the quality of the conversation.

The use of noise-cancelling headsets is therefore a good option, as it blocks out the noise of the bustling office meaning you can offer the customer or client your full attention. It works the other way too, as some models also feature a noise-cancelling microphone, which makes the experience better for the person on the other end of the conversation as your speech is not clouded by background noise.

Although these models may be a little pricier, there is no doubting that they can be well worth the cost in terms of maintaining a good relationship with customers and clients.

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