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Why Avaya-accredited technology is key for your business

The Agent brand is defined by a commitment to excellence, in delivering high quality products at an surprisingly competitive price. This is what sets us apart from our competitors and what gives us the edge in the industry.

We are more than confident of this fact, because not only do we work hard to develop the most stylish, robust and cost-effective headsets on the market today, we also put our key products through rigorous testing to ensure we have the authority to say as much.

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Consider our premium corded headset range - Agent 500 through to Agent 800 - which is backed by the lauded Avaya Devconnect Certificate of Compliance: it recognises our expertise in developing market leading business and technology solutions to the highest standard.

Our headsets are put through their paces across four key areas, which we are more than happy to say have passed with flying colours. This includes sound quality, compatibility, durability and manufacture, the merits of which are discussed in more detail below.

Sound quality

It goes without saying that sound quality is vital to organisations looking to invest in headsets. Even the tiniest bit of miscommunication can have significant repercussions, for example, so it is important that you and your workforce are confident that at any point in a conversation, there is always going to be clarity.

Across the premium corded range, our headsets provide, as standard, a crisp, clear level of sound that allows participants to a call to enjoy a clear and natural conversation that is near enough effortless. This is boosted by noise cancelling technology, which makes even the noisiest workplace as quiet as a whisper.

Ergonomic Design

Headsets need to be comfortable for the simple fact of the matter that if they are key assets to your business, they have to work with you, not against you. Traditional technology, such as telephones, do little to promote healthy, stress-free (i.e. reducing unnecessary muscle tension) and productive working.

Our headsets, however, have been tested to show that they deliver first-class ergonomics, through foam ear cushions, adjustable headbands, microphone rotation and a lightweight design. Taken as a whole, the Agent headsets deliver an unparalleled level of comfort that allows your employees to work more naturally and more productively.


When business leaders are looking to invest in technology - both hardware and software - one of the chief considerations they weigh up is the asset’s compatibility. It may well be the most sophisticated product on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’ll easily fit into a specific infrastructure. There can therefore be a cost consequence, both financial and time-wise.

The Agent brand is designed to be as compatible as possible, to be effortlessly integrated with existing equipment and software from other suppliers. The advantages of this are numerous, namely ensuring a smooth transition without compromising on work and saving on costs attached to making certain technologies compatible with one another.


To be Avaya-accredited, Agent headsets have to prove that they are manufactured to be long-lasting, durable, very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Your employees want to be confident that they can do their job with the utmost professionalism and comfort, without feeling that as the day unfolds, their headsets are becoming cumbersome.

Our headsets are manufactured using the latest technology and are in line with all regulatory requirements and compliant with all relevant directives from the European Union. This guarantees that the Agent brand is a long-term investment that delivers real value for money.

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