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Agent unveil the innovative AG headset range

Agent, the leading UK producer of high quality telephony products, today unveils the latest evolution in their portfolio - the AG headset range.

With the launch of the AG range, Agent reinforces its continued commitment to providing businesses, and call centres of all sizes, with products of superior design and build quality, that provide exceptional noise cancellation and superior sound; because call quality matters.

New Agent AG range

The AG1 (single ear) and AG2 (dual ear) models carry two key developments at the core of the new designs. The UK designers behind the AG range have managed to develop stronger, more durable frames, while simultaneously managing to make these the lightest Agent headsets of their type ever to appear in the Agent portfolio, ensuring even greater comfort to the end user.

Secondly, this ultra-light weight, aluminium finish design incorporates a new superior noise-cancelling microphone, and an innovative aluminium speaker housing, to ensure that the quality of speech and sound for both the user and the operator has never been better.

Both AG models are acoustic shock protected, and meet all European safety standards. They offer the user 270-degree microphone rotation; enabling operators to choose and change how they wear their headset for maximum comfort during every call, and come with a 3-year warranty as standard for complete peace of mind.

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