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agent DA-30 SmartCord - product details

The agent DA-30 SmartCord will connect all agent headsets to the vast majority of telephones. Using the unique 8 position slider switch, the user can set the phone system type and eliminate compatibility issues.

*This product is CE approved and comes with standard 2 year warranty.

Switch Position Telephone System Amplified Mic Mod Plug Wiring
1 Standard U10P (Most Common) No M-,R,R,M+
2 Cisco IP Phones 79xx Series No R,M-,M+,R
3 Ascom Office and Phillips Phones No R,M+,M-,R
4 NEC, Nitsuko Phones No M+,R,R,M-
5 Plantronics Vista Base No R,R,M+,M-
6 Panasonic Phones Yes M+,R,R,M-
7 Nortel Digital and Avaya IP Yes M-,R,R,M+
8 Avaya Callmaster V and VI, Cisco Yes R,M-,M+,R
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